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Welcome to A Pump Away Environmental

Quality septic services are invaluable. When it comes to keeping your septic system in good shape, don’t rely on anyone except A Pump Away Environmental. As your premiere Atlanta, GA, area septic care company, our commitment is to the satisfaction of our customers and the preservation of our precious environment.


It’s a dirty job, but we’re happy to do it. A well-maintained septic system makes for a cleaner environment and a happier, sweet-smelling home. Whether you’re looking to buy a home with a septic tank or have been using one for years, regular inspection and maintenance are the keys to preventing emergencies – although we’ll deal with those, too. Contact us for:

  • Residential, commercial, and industrial septic tank services
  • Septic tank pumping and cleaning
  • Septic tank repairs
  • Septic tank installations
  • Septic tank lid replacements
  • Drain field lines repair
  • Sewer lines repair
  • Grease trap cleaning
  • Unblocking clogged lines
  • Emergency services
  • And much more!

A Septic System is a Natural Way to Clean Waste Water

When everything is running smoothly, water from your septic tank is pumped into a drain or leach field via pipes. The water is then filtered through layers of gravel and soil, which clean out the dangerous and harmful bacteria and germs from the water before it rejoins ground water sources. In most septic systems, water moves through the pipes from your house to the septic tank and out to the drain field under the power of gravity alone, expending very little electrical energy in the process. A healthy septic system is a great way to have indoor plumbing while still being kind to Mother Earth.

Regular Maintenance is the Key to a Healthy Septic System

Your septic system will most likely remain trouble-free if you don’t flush certain items down the drain (see our FAQ page for a list of no-nos) and if you have it inspected and cleaned on a regular basis. We are the experts at inspecting and maintaining all the components that make up your septic system. We stand by our work. Our commitment is to keep our customers completely satisfied. In an emergency we should be your first call. Keep your system happy and it will keep you happy.

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