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Various Components of a Septic System

At A Pump Away Environmental, we know that it’s incredibly easy to take your septic system for granted. After all, if your septic system is operating properly, you have little reason to worry or even think about. However, the health and maintenance of your septic system is vital. It’s typically recommended that you have your septic system cleaned every three to five years, but there . . .Continue Reading »

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What’s the Difference between Septic Tank Pumping and Cleaning?

Septic tank pumper

Your septic tank is something that you should never take for granted, but people unfortunately do. Although some homeowners are very good about maintaining their septic tank’s health and performance, that doesn’t mean it can go forever without a thorough cleaning or being pumped. Are cleaning and pumping actually that different? It might be surprising, but they really are.

Cleaning versus Pumping

Pumping tends to be a . . .Continue Reading »

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