Essential Things You Should Know about Your Septic Tank

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Pumping Out a Septic Tank

Are you intimidated by your septic system? Fortunately, keeping your system functioning well isn’t too difficult. To avoid Covington, GA, septic service emergencies, you only need to know these 6 things.

Your Septic Tank’s Location

Knowing your septic system’s location is important for a couple of reasons. First, knowing the location prevents accidental damage from driving over the drain field or digging near the system and damaging a pipe. It also saves you money if you need service. You won’t have to pay extra for septic tank locating service.

Septic systems are usually located in the backyard, but they could also be next to the house in the side yard. Once you locate your septic system, consider installing a riser. Septic risers help you immediately identify the septic area and make it easier to access the tank’s lid for service.

Maintain Your Septic System

Septic systems require routine maintenance, such as regular pumping and cleaning. Your property’s septic tank collects all the water that leaves your home. Over time, the layers of sludge and scum buildup and need to be removed. This isn’t something you can do yourself. Failing to pump and clean your take in a timely manner can cause your septic system to stop working well. You’ll notice your drains backing up more than usual and bad sewage odors coming from drains.

Most septic systems need septic pumping and cleaning services once every 3-5 years. However, this is just a general rule. If you have a larger system, you might need these services less frequently. To get on a maintenance schedule that makes sense for your system’s needs, contact a septic professional for a customized service schedule.

Skip the Additives

Septic systems do a good job of staying clean when maintained properly. You don’t need to add chemicals to keep the system sanitary. In fact, additives can disrupt the chemical balance in the system and lead to problems. The only time it’s advised to use additives is if it’s recommended by the septic company.

Use Less Water

Want to keep your septic system cleaner for longer? Limit your water use. Conserving water isn’t just good for the environment and your water bills. It’s wonderful for your septic system. The more water you use, the faster your septic tank fills.

Use the Garbage Disposal Sparingly

A kitchen garbage disposal makes cleaning up in the kitchen easier, but this appliance can wreak havoc on your septic system. Too many people put the wrong things in the garbage disposal, and this leads to clogged drain field pipes. The drain field is one of the most expensive parts of the system to repair or replace. So, do yourself a favor, and try to use the disposal as infrequently as possible.

When to Call for Septic Service

With regular maintenance and careful usage, you can use your septic system for years without any problems. However, if your household drains start backing up frequently or you notice a bad odor that smells like sewage outside near the tank, call for service. Fixing problems early is always the most affordable option.

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