How Often Should You Get Your Grease Trap Cleaned?

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Running your own restaurant is a lot of work, but you love what you do, and you’re a successful restaurateur. However, you know that there are some areas of your restaurant that need a lot of attention, and you want to make sure that you have everything in order to ensure that you are doing your very best to run a happy and clean restaurant for your patrons. That means that you want to make sure that you keep your restaurant clean.  While we all think that we’re clean in one way or another, there are a lot of aspects of a restaurant that require additional attention. These aspects are often forgotten and can lead to a lot of health hazards if they go unclean for long periods of time. 

That means that even if you think that you run a clean restaurant, there may be areas that require your attention that you simply aren’t aware of. One of the most important places in your restaurant to keep clean is your kitchen, and one of the most important parts of the kitchen to keep clean is your grease trap. If you aren’t sure how often you should have your grease trap professional serviced, take a look at these three questions that you should ask yourself.

1. How Greasy is Your Menu?

The amount of grease that your kitchen produces when your chef cooks can directly affect how often your grease trap needs to be cleaned. If you have a lot of fried food on your menu, you may find that your grease trap needs to be cleaned more frequently. Whereas, if you have a lot of cold foods that don’t have a lot of grease in them on your menu, you may find that your grease trap doesn’t need cleaning as often.

2. Are You Following the Law?

Each area has different health code laws that restaurants have to follow. Be sure to pay close attention to these laws (especially if they change) and remember that these laws can vary by local governments all the way up to the state level, so be sure to follow the law completely. While some don’t require that you clean your grease traps often your grease traps are required to be cleaned every 90 days.

3. Are You Keeping Up With Cleaning?

If you have a clean kitchen and a clean chef, you should be aware of when your grease trap needs to be cleaned. For the most part, you can look into it and see that it needs to be cleaned out properly. Even if you have the cleanest kitchen in town, having a dirty grease trap can shut down your restaurant, so be sure to check it frequently to see if it needs to be cleaned.

There are a lot of signs that your grease trap needs to be cleaned. If you cook a lot of greasy foods, it has been more than 90 days, or you see that it needs to be cleaned, contact A Pump Away Environmental, your Covington, GA, septic service experts.

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