How to Avoid the Common Causes of Clogged Drains

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Unfortunately, it’s pretty easy for the drains in your home to become clogged. A clogged drain can cause many plumbing problems, such as costly repairs for which you’ll need to hire a plumber. Here’s how you can avoid the common causes of clogged drains in your home today.

Use a Plunger

When there’s something clogged in your drain, the first thing you should do is grab a plunger. An inexpensive standard plunger can help break up blockages in your plumbing and prevent them from causing further problems to your pipes. Although pumping the plunger up and down your toilet may not seem like the most enjoyable time in the bathroom, neither is a hundred-dollar repair bill. However, you can prevent clogs in the first place by avoiding putting anything that’s not supposed to be in the toilet. That means keeping a closer eye on your kids since they’re bound to do this at some point.

Use Warm Water

Another way you can avoid clogged drains is by regularly using water to flush out your pipes. You can also combine it with dish detergent to make your drains smell better. However, with this combo, you can ensure your drains and plumbing are clear from any blockages. Especially if your plumbing is old, detergent and water mixtures can help move waste along your plumbing more efficiently.

Vent Your Plumbing

To avoid costly plumbing repairs, another way you can prevent clogged drains is to vent the air entering your plumbing. Take, for example, putting your finger on one end of a straw, which will create a vacuum. However, when you lift your finger off the end, air and water will flow freely. This is what happens when you vent your plumbing. When you flush your toilet, it vents your plumbing, but if there’s a blockage, there will be a gurgling noise and water won’t flow through correctly. When you properly vent your plumbing or hire a professional plumber, you can prevent further plumbing problems that can affect your home and improve your septic service in Conyers.

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