How to Deal with Septic Tank Odor

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If you maintain your home’s septic tank properly, you shouldn’t have any issues with odor. However, some problems can arise. If you notice a sewage smell coming from your drains and appliances, or even around your yard, you need the best septic tank service in Covington, GA, to come to the rescue.

Here are a few ways you can fight or prevent bad odor due to your septic tank.

Floor Drain

One of the most common reason why odorous gases come from your drains or yard is a problem with the floor drain trap in your basement. If it’s dried out, septic tank gases will vent into your fixtures and appliances. Keep your drain traps filled with water to prevent this drying.


Problems with the seals of your septic tank or plumbing system may also be responsible for odor. A septic service can check the cleanout access plug to determine if it’s loose or dislodged. Also, the ejector sump pump basket may be poorly sealed. Its cover may need to be re-sealed.

Seals in your bathroom can also be to blame.

Outdoor Odor

Odor near the septic tank in your yard often signifies a manhole cover leak. If the risers and manholes aren’t secure, sewage gases will seep into your yard, even if there’s a foot of soil over these covers.

A septic service company can inspect the tank for signs of invasive roots causing leakage. Roots can penetrate your sewage pipes or even the tank itself, in which case you’d smell actual sewage leaking into the yard’s soil. If the soil around your septic tank seems damp, then this is likely to blame. Call a septic tank pumping service immediately to drain the tank and help prevent the spread of environmentally harmful sewage. From there, they can repair the cracked or leaking tank.

Hire theĀ best septic tank service in Covington, GA, to find other causes of septic tank odor, including foreign objects blocking the sewage pipe, hard buildup on the walls of the tank, or invasive species like insects in the tank.

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