Risks Associated with DIY Septic Tank Cleaning

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Septic Cleaning

A clean, well-maintained septic tank is an essential component of your home. When your tank is working properly, your indoor drains work better, and you have less of a risk of experiencing sewage odor or backup indoors.  

A clean septic tank also lasts longer, which saves you money in the long run. But before you get out your shovel and rags and get to cleaning, it’s important to know that you absolutely shouldn’t clean your own septic tank. You can actually endanger yourself, your plumbing system, and even the tank. 

Ask any septic service company, and they’ll warn you about the following risks of DIY septic tank cleaning.


When you clean a septic tank, you separate wastewater from sludge, all of which originates from your indoor drains. This means having to interact with a variety of waste products, including human waste. Beyond the superficial nastiness of this, there’s a risk of breathing toxic fumes. Believe it or not, when waste matter settles in your septic tank, methane gas forms. Methane is a famously toxic gas that you shouldn’t breathe high amounts of. If you’re exposed to methane gas, you can become weak or dizzy, vomit, lose consciousness, or even suffocate.

Fire Risk

Methane is also an explosive gas. If you’re cleaning your septic tank, you expose methane to the air above the tank. So if you happen to cause a spark on a dry day or light a cigarette, there can be an explosion. It’s odorless and colorless, so you have no way of knowing that it’s been released into the air above the tank. The best septic tank service knows the dangers of methane, as well as other dangerous gasses in septic tanks, like carbon dioxide, and will work with precaution to prevent accidents.

Water Contamination

If you attempt to DIY septic tank cleaning, you can even accidentally contaminate your water supply. The best septic service will work hard to clean a septic tank thoroughly and carefully. That means knowing the amount of cleaning that needs to be done and understanding the risks of damage from failing to clean the tank thoroughly. These include septic tank leaks. If your tank becomes clogged with solids, or if you don’t clean the tank well enough, solid masses can cause leaks in the walls of the tank. When this happens, contaminated water can leak into the nearby soil and potentially disrupt your water supply. Septic tank leaks are a huge environmental disaster and can have terrible health consequences. Professional cleanings help prevent septic tank leaks. 


Few Benefits

If you DIY septic tank cleaning, you also don’t get the enjoy the benefits of a professionally cleaned tank. These benefits include a longer-lasting, safer septic tank, faster indoor drains, and fewer risks of plumbing system damage. In fact, the more regularly your septic tank is cleaned, the easier it will be to keep it clean. That’s because a well-maintained tank will have a greater volume for containing sewage. After several regular cleanings, the tank will work more efficiently. While you might think that paying a professional to clean your tank is costly, the added risks from not seeking professional work can actually be even more costly. 

Always trust in a professional Covington, GA, septic service company to maintain your septic tank. Call A Pump Away Environmental for a thorough, safe, and beneficial septic tank cleaning today.

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