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  • The Inner Workings of Your Septic System

    Being able to flush a toilet that is not in an outhouse, running a hot bath, or the ability to throw a load of the clothes in the washing machine before you sip a hot drink in front of your favorite television show are some of life’s little pleasures. When it’s cared for and maintained, your septic system will usually run quietly in the background, trouble-free.

    Pipes in your house carry away waste from your kitchen and appliances to an underground septic tank in your yard. Within the tank, the waste forms three layers: scum that floats on the top, water in the middle, and solid waste that sinks to the bottom. Vents allow gases to escape, and P-valves under your sinks and toilets prevent noxious, smelly gases from burping back into your home through the pipes.

    Under the pressure of gravity, water from the septic tank’s middle layer is pushed into pipes that lie in the drain field (also called a leach field). The pipes let the water seep into a layer of gravel, where it then sinks through layers of soil. This action removes harmful bacteria and germs from the water, so by the time the water sinks to an aquifer, or underground stream, it is naturally clean. Plus, the grass above your drain field will look beautifully green.

    You’ll need to have your septic tank cleaned on a regular basis depending on the size of the tank, how many people live in your house, and how much water you consume. It’s a good idea to have your septic tank cleaned every one to three years, as well as have a thorough inspection performed at the time of cleaning.

    What Could Go Wrong

    Sometimes, components of your system breaks down or needs replacing. If you have your system regularly inspected, you should be able to avoid this. Also, if you flood your system with lots of water on a regular basis (say you have three teenagers who love long showers and you are constantly running the washing machine), or if you are careless about what you flush down the drain, the pipes running from your tank to the drain field could get blocked with solid waste. This can cause all kinds of problems, from sewage backing up into your toilet and onto your floor, to your drain field, getting soggy and smelly.

    What We Do

    From installation to component repair, from regular cleanings to emergency situations, we’re here for you and your septic system. No job is too dirty for us and we’ll get it done right.

    • Residential, commercial, and industrial septic tank services
    • Emergency services
    • Septic tank pumping and cleaning
    • Septic tank repairs
    • Septic tank installations
    • Septic tank lid replacements
    • Drain field lines repair
    • Sewer lines repair
    • Water lines repair
    • Grease trap cleaning
    • Unblocking clogged lines
    • Sewer pumps and alarms installation
    • Backhoe and grading
    • Car wash pits
    • Oil/water separator
    • Jetting
    • Authorized dealer of E-Z Flow™ and Chamber Drainage Systems, as well as Myers®, Zoeller, and Goulds Pumps

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