The Consequences of Avoiding Septic Tank Maintenance

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A man eyes a puddle caused by a septic drainfield problem.

We know that homeowners already understand the importance of regular maintenance. Properly maintaining property saves money in the long run. Of course the same thing applies to septic tank maintenance. We know that it can be time-intensive and costly to keep everything on the property maintained. But when it comes to septic tanks, the consequences are not pleasant when homeowners don’t do what needs to get done.

It Affects the Water Supply

We stress the importance of regular septic tank pumping in Conyers, because we know that one septic tank can affect the water supply of a much larger area. A well-maintained septic tank doesn’t contaminate the ground water. A septic tank that leaks or has a clogged tank can destroy the water quality in the homeowner’s backyard, but it can also affect the entire community. That’s why we take our responsibilities very seriously.

Of course septic service in Covington, GA, is about more than just emptying the tank. We also help homeowners figure out what can and can’t be flushed down the drain to ensure it keeps working properly.

If Affects the Home

Septic tanks can pose a potential health threat if they’re not maintained properly. We want to keep families healthy and safe. That’s why we urge everyone to use a professional¬†septic service in Covington, GA, on a regular basis. If we find leaks in the septic tank, then it means that the groundwater has been contaminated. This is especially important if the groundwater in the area is converted to drinking water. One leaking septic tank can cause a health crisis for miles around.

If homeowners suspect a leak in their tank, we recommend calling our Covington, GA, septic service right away. We will do our best to get it fixed as soon as possible.

Large Financial Obligations

We know that nobody wants to pay for septic tank pumping in Conyers, GA. But the financial obligations homeowners face when the tank is not maintained properly are tremendous. If the tank bursts due to built-up slush, we might have to replace the tank along with the drain field around it. The cost will vary, but we know that homeowners can buy a car with that money instead. So don’t ever skip on Covington, GA, septic maintenance.

Maintenance Tips

To keep the septic tank working properly, we recommend regular septic tank inspections. But we also advise homeowners to be careful about their water usage. We recommend spreading out the laundry over the course of the week and avoiding long showers. Most importantly, we ask homeowners to be careful about what gets flushed down the drain. Septic tank owners should stay away from harsh chemicals, too. This includes bleach and chemical pipe cleaners. We’ll sum up the best practices here:

  • Schedule regular septic tank inspections
  • Don’t install/use garbage disposals in the sink
  • Don’t flush food or other garbage down the drain
  • Be careful about water usage
  • Don’t use harsh chemicals
  • Use septic-tank approved bath tissue
  • Never flush sanitary products, diapers, hair, and grease of any kind
  • Don’t plant trees or shrubs in/or around your drainfield
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