The Importance of Regular Septic Maintenance

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A septic tank can last for numerous years when cared for properly, so it’s important you have regular professional¬†septic service in Covington, GA. Not only does regular maintenance ensure your septic tank has a long life, but it can also help you avoid inconvenient and costly problems. Here’s why it’s important to have septic specialists regularly pump and inspect your septic system.

Protect Your Home

Regular professional septic maintenance typically involves periodic pumping, every 2-3 years, and a thorough inspection. If this maintenance is overlooked you’ll likely deal with a plugged system that can back up all the way into your home. Damage to your home from backed up sewage can cause serious damage that’s nearly impossible to fix without serious restoration work. You can protect your home and its occupants from the dangers of raw sewage by preventing clogs in your system with regular pumping.

Protect the Environment

A backed up septic tank is also dangerous to the environment. This is because solid waste can cause the drain field to be flooded. This allows gray water to cover the drain field and your yard with scum, but it also pollutes the ground below with sewage and all the accompanying bacteria which could contaminate the water supply.

Protect Your Wallet

Finally, it’s important to have your septic tank regularly pumped, cleaned, and inspected to prevent major expenditures down the road. If problems are detected early on you can avoid the expense of a backed up system as well as major repairs or replacement costs that could be avoided if necessary repairs are identified and completed along with regular inspections.

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