The Need of Regular Maintenance of Your Septic Tank

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Under normal circumstances, your septic system quietly performs a critical task that keeps your household running efficiently without any problems. However, there are some septic system issues that can arise periodically and cause life to grind to a halt in your home when the septic system fails to perform its delegated function. In those cases, you’ll have no choice but to call a septic service and hope that your system can be repaired and reinstated in quick fashion.

One way to avoid unexpected and costly issues with your septic system is by adhering to a recommended regular schedule of maintenance and upkeep. By performing regular maintenance and pumping, a Covington, GA, septic service can be your best ally against surprise breakdowns and unbudgeted repair costs.

By following the proper maintenance protocols, you can keep your home’s septic system safe and trouble-free with minimal attention. Keep reading to learn more about the importance of regular maintenance of your septic system.

Maximum Efficiency

Your home’s septic system isn’t necessarily complex from a technological perspective. It consists of a network of tanks and field lines with a grinder and pump added in to keep sewage moving and allow it to digest before percolating into the soil harmlessly. While the average septic system can function without being pumped for a prolonged period, eventually it needs pumping to maintain its optimal efficiency.

Without regular pumping, all the drains in your house will flow much more slowly. In some cases, an overloaded septic tank can even prevent flushing altogether. Therefore, regular pumping of the septic tank is important to prevent such occurrences and keep everything flowing smoothly.

Prevents Emergencies

There’s nothing worse than suddenly realizing you’ve lost the ability to use all the drains in your house due to a failing septic system. It can make you feel helpless, and you are until you can get assistance from a septic service. That can make for a few uncomfortable days and cause you great inconvenience as you must make alternate arrangements for basic household functions such as washing dishes, using the bathroom, and showering.

By having a septic service perform routine maintenance on your system, you get regular inspections that can help head off any unexpected failures. Your system can undergo regular troubleshooting and potentially problematic components can be replaced or repaired.

Saves You Money

Emergency septic system repairs can not only cost you time and convenience, they can also cost you a great deal of money. Small problems that would have been caught and repaired through regular inspection and maintenance can balloon into major issues that require extensive, and expensive, repairs.

Also, you can’t schedule an emergency septic breakdown, and calling a septic system out to your home after hours, on the weekend, or on a major holiday could result in you paying a premium rate for assistance. If your septic system problems are severe enough, you may have to make alternate living arrangements until your system is repaired, which can also become costly. Regular maintenance can head off emergencies and therefore save you money on future repair expenditures.

Better for the Environment

While properly maintained and optimally functioning septic systems are safe and don’t damage the environment, the opposite is true if such systems are allowed to become overfilled and ineffective. Sewage from a poorly maintained septic tank can leak out into the ground, where it can perc down to the groundwater below and contaminate it. Sewage from a leaking tank can also make its way into local bodies of water, where it can impact aquatic life and anyone who comes in contact with the water.

If you depend on a septic system for your household sewage disposal, make sure that you regularly have it inspected and properly maintained. Doing so will prevent emergency failures, protect the environment, and save you money on future repairs. To learn more about the importance of regularly maintaining your septic system, contact A Pump Away Environmental at (770) 922-4358.   

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