Tips to Prepare for a Septic Tank Inspection

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Septic Tank

Maintaining your septic tank is crucial if you want it to work efficiently. There are a lot of elements involved in maintaining your septic tank’s health. The most important thing you need to do is have your septic tank inspected at least once every three years. If you’ve scheduled a septic tank inspection, there are a few things you should do to prepare for that inspection.

If you aren’t sure how to prepare for a septic tank inspection, check out these five things you can do to get ready for the inspector.

1. Clean the Area around Your Septic Tank

Keep the area around your septic tank clean. Not only will this help the inspector access the most important areas of your septic tank, it will also show him that you maintain that area properly. If you haven’t had a chance to clean the area around your septic tank recently, be sure to do so before the inspector arrives. This will help your septic tank inspection run smoothly.

2. Inspect the Area around Your Septic Tank

Before the inspector arrives, be sure to inspect the area around your septic tank. This will help you figure out which problems you should point out to the inspector, and it will help you figure out questions to ask.

3. Write Notes on Problem Areas

While you’re inspecting the area around your septic tank, be sure to write notes on what would be considered the problem areas. If you aren’t sure if it is a problem area, write a note about it and be sure to ask the inspector. This is a great way to keep yourself from forgetting anything during the inspection. Remember, the inspection is going to be in-depth, and it’s important to learn as much about your septic tank as possible while it’s going on.

4. Have the Designs Ready for the Inspector

If you have the design of your septic tank on hand, be sure to give them to the inspector when he or she arrives. This can cut down the inspection time considerably. If you don’t have the design of your septic tank, you can contact your local township to see where to get the designs, or you can look up your septic tank number online.

5. Write Down Questions to Ask the Inspector

Before your inspection, make sure to write down any questions or concerns you might have for the inspector. Not only will this ensure that you don’t forget to ask anything about your septic tank, it will also help you get a more thorough inspection. As you’re walking through each step of the inspection, you can ask the inspector these questions as well as follow up questions to be sure you get a greater understanding of your septic tank.

It’s better to be prepared and know what to expect. If you aren’t sure how to schedule your septic tank pumping in Covington, GA, contact A Pump Away Environmental. They offer the best septic tank service in Covington, GA. They can help you understand each of the steps that will be involved in the inspection, and they can schedule a septic tank inspection for you immediately.

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