Top Considerations When Choosing a Septic Tank Cleaning Service

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Septic Tank

If your home’s waste removal is done through a private septic system, it’s important that you have the number of a great septic tank cleaning service in your phone. Septic cleaning is a maintenance service that needs to be done once every 3-5 years. When you don’t adhere to this schedule, and the tank gets dirty, you end up with a smelly yard, clogged drains, and even septic backups. You don’t want this, and the good news it never has to happen. Not when you choose the best septic tank service.

Keep reading to learn how to find Covington, GA, septic service that’s reliable and affordable.

Read Those Reviews

Yes, everyone has an opinion these days, and they love to post those opinions on review sites. Use online review sites to get an idea about the company and how they handle septic tank pumping. When reviewing these sites, it’s a good idea to know what you’re looking for. Does the company have a high rating? If someone left a negative review, did the company follow up and try to make things right with the customer? When you actually read the reviews, you get a better idea of how the company operates and what their customer service is like.


All states have regulations for septic cleaning and pumping. They also require licensing. The licensing and regulation requirements differ, so you want to make sure that the company you hire meets the requirements for the state in which the septic system is going to be serviced. This information is something that reputable septic companies have, and it’s easily verifiable.

Why is it important to hire credentialed septic companies? The states put their regulations into place to protect homeowners and businesses from dealing with ineffective companies. These are companies that have a reputation for incomplete cleaning jobs, excessive pricing, and job abandonment.

When you hire a reputable septic service, you get peace of mind that you’re getting the services you paid for and the job will be done professionally.


A great septic pumping company doesn’t just come to your residence, pump the tank, and leave. Septic specialists will inspect the components of the system and let you know how these parts are performing. If you’re getting regular cleaning services, the drain field and effluent system should last for years. However, a lot of people buy existing properties with septic systems already in place that may or may not have been well-maintained. Many people don’t even know how old their septic system is.

For these reasons, you want a plumbing professional to guide you to make smart decisions about how to maintain your system. Keeping these systems in good shape requires more than regular pumping, you also need to know how to keep the bacteria balanced and what can and can’t be flushed or rinsed.

Price Transparency

Does the company provide you with clear and concise pricing? Not every company gives over-the-phone quotes, and this isn’t always a bad thing. Yes, it’s frustrating to have someone come to your home to quote a price, and then you turn them away, but there’s a reason for on-site job quotes.

Not all pumping jobs are the same. Your tank may be extra dirty or need another service before the pumping. Specialists don’t know what you need exactly until they come out and inspect the tank in person.

When specialists provide onsite pricing, you get better pricing transparency and know you’re getting an accurate quote.

Do you need septic tank pumping and cleaning in Convington? Call A Pump Away Environmental to schedule a service.

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