Ways to Prepare Your Septic Tank for Winter

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Winter can wreak havoc on your plumbing system when the temperature plummets, so it’s important for homeowners to protect their pipes to prevent freezing and flooding. Your septic system will also benefit from a little extra forethought and care before winter comes and after it hits because it can be vulnerable to the colder temperatures as well. Here are some ways you can prepare your septic system for the winter as well as a reminder of how to keep your system in good shape all year long.

Add Insulation

It’s a good idea to add insulation to any exposed plumbing around your home, and the same is true of your septic tank. Even if the temperatures don’t regularly fall below freezing, the tank can sustain damage from occasional freezing or from frost buildup or additional moisture. You can add insulation over the tank’s drainage field to prevent these problems. For insulation you can add an extra layer of mulch or use a special frost blanket to keep the soil surrounding the tank warmer so that it doesn’t freeze and cause cracks in the tank.

Clear the Area

It’s also important to keep the area around the septic tank clear in case you need to access it during the winter. Any yard equipment or furniture around the area as well as natural debris, such as tree branches or leaves, should be cleared away. This will make it easy for you or the technicians doing septic service to gain access to your tank as needed. As always, keep heavy vehicles including cars or tractors off the area of the tank because this can easily damage the underlying drain lines or the tank itself.

Continue Regular Use

One way to prevent the pipes in your house from freezing during a cold spell is to leave a faucet or two dripping slowly at all times. In a similar manner, it’s important to keep using the septic system because allowing the wastewater to flow through the pipes will prevent them from freezing. If you’re leaving during the winter, it’s a good idea to have someone stay in your home so that the system can keep being used.

Pump and Inspect

Even if you do your best to clear the area around the septic tank, it’s always easier for a pumping service to get access to your tank before winter hits. Getting your tank pumped before winter comes not only makes it easier for the best septic tank service in Covington, GA, to do their job, but it will also help prevent blockages and burst pipes during the winter.

Check the Lid

Inspect the lid to make sure there aren’t any cracks or holes. If you find any or notice that the seal doesn’t seem intact, be sure to call a septic service right away to get the lid repaired or replaced before winter arrives.

Continue Normal Precautions

Finally, make sure you continue the regular precautions that you should be following throughout the year. That means being water wise to avoid adding strain to your septic system. Be careful about the type of toilet paper you use and make sure you don’t dump cleaning products and harmful chemicals down the drain. Solid waste, such as food or grease, should be thrown in the garbage rather than down the disposal because this can quickly cause the system to back up.

For more septic system care tips, contact A Pump Away Environmental today.

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