What’s the Difference between Septic Tank Pumping and Cleaning?

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Your septic tank is something that you should never take for granted, but people unfortunately do. Although some homeowners are very good about maintaining their septic tank’s health and performance, that doesn’t mean it can go forever without a thorough cleaning or being pumped. Are cleaning and pumping actually that different? It might be surprising, but they really are.

Cleaning versus Pumping

Pumping tends to be a bit faster and may even be cheaper. Septic tank pumping removes all of the water and liquid from the tank, as well some of the floating debris. If your tank doesn’t require a more detailed cleaning, this may be sufficient for your needs. However, many homeowners can’t even remember the last time that their septic tank was cleaned. In short, your tank probably needs to be cleaned rather than pumped. Cleaning removes all liquids and solid wastes from your tank. That means a deep cleaning from top to bottom. That includes the hard-to-remove sludge. If you want your system to keep running well for years to come, a cleaning will usually be the better choice.

Why It Matters

If your tank is pumped regularly every 3 to 5 years, most of the solids can be removed quite easily. Sludge becomes harder to clean and remove the longer it’s allowed to sit. Roots can grow inside the sludge, and those roots won’t be extracted simply by pumping. They’ll have to be removed by force. Allowing them to remain can potentially lead to serious damage. Eventually, that might require patches and repairs to your septic tank. In the worst cases, your entire septic tank may need to be replaced.

Some tanks have two compartments. The dividing walls that separate those compartments are not necessarily watertight, which means you may be able to pump liquid out of both areas at one time. Unfortunately, eliminating solids is another matter altogether. Both compartments will have to be tackled directly to ensure that sludge and solid waste are cleared away.

For the best septic service in Covington, be sure that you work with an established, dependable company. Although some people use “pumping” and “cleaning” interchangeably, they aren’t the same thing. The differences are important to remember.

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